MGM Under Fire After a “Cybersecurity Issue”

Amy Larsen DeCarlo – Principal Analyst, Security and Data Center Services

Summary Bullets:

? On September 10th, casino giant MGM Resorts International was hit with a cybersecurity “issue” that impacted its hotel booking and restaurant reservation systems, as well as digital keys and corporate applications including its web site.

? The company acknowledged the incident in a Securities and Exchange (SEC) filing on September 12th which affected properties in several states including Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, and Ohio.

On September 10th, an incident came to light that affected multiple MGM casino and hotel properties in a number of US states. The company issued a press release on September 12th and also filed an 8-K report with the SEC. An 8-K filing is a notification of an event that might have a material financial impact on a publicly-traded company.

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The Future is Glass

S. Schucfest

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? The physics limits of copper are looming in the next few generation of microprocessors

? Silicon photonics represents a possible solution for interconnections inside and outside the chip

The future is glass, and it’s not just meant to be a play on the old crystal ball. Well, maybe not *strictly* glass but it is with silicon photonics. Fiber optics are proven and effective in data communications. Between use cases such as metro rings, any Ethernet beyond 10GbE or needing more than a 300 meter distance, and more recently a push to bring fiber optic communications to the home. Fiber optics doesn’t have many of the drawbacks that good old copper has, and there are ruhig new research ways to make improvements to commonly deployed fiber optic cable.

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